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Kreta Elpida Events

Festivals and Events

Carnival Sunday

Grand carnival parade with traditional dances in in Réthimno, one day later in Panórmos near Réthimno.

25 March

National holiday. Children often wear costumes in parades.

Good Friday

Processions in all cities and villages (around  21.00).

Easter Saturday

Easter mass at 23.00, to which nearly all Cretans go. Fireworks shortly after midnight

Sunday after Easter

Religious service in the cave of Mílatos, then entertainment for guests and folklore on the village square at seaside

21 May

Parish fair with music and dance in Gra Ligiá near Ierápetra


Renaissance festival in Réthimno: the Cretan festival with the most ambitious programme offers lectures, theatre and concerts. They almost exclusively cover the city's heyday during the Renaissance. The preferred venue is the modern amphitheatre in Fortézza of Réthimno (Start of Jul. – mid of Sept.).

A cultural festival in Iráklio with numerous events at various locations in the city.


Community festival in Anógia with many respected competitions in traditional singing, Cretan dance and the lyra. (Early Aug.).

Parish fairs with music and dance as well as folk festivals on the village square in practically all Cretan towns. (14/15 Aug.).

Cultural festival in Kritsá near Ágios Nikólaos, with theatre, dance and folklore evenings. (15-30 Aug.).

Ágios Títos: Grand procession through Iráklio with a holy relic, the skull of St. Titus (25 Aug.).


Parish fair at the Guvernétu cloister on the Akrotíri peninsula near Chaniá, with a procession from the cloister to the cave where a church service takes place (7 Oct.)